Stickman Temple Wars
Play Stickman Temple Wars Game Online
Play Stickman Temple Wars Game Online
Stickman Temple Wars
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Stickman Temple Wars Game

Embark on an exhilarating side-scrolling adventure with "Stickman Temple Wars," a game that delivers thrilling shooting sensations and enduring fun. This stickman platformer offers three exciting modes: Story Mode, PvP Mode, and Computer Battle Mode, ensuring continuous enjoyment for players of all preferences.

The Gameplay:

Choose the "Story Mode" option to embark on a challenging journey in Stickman Temple Wars. Venture through 40 episodes of adventure, facing various obstacles like spiked balls, spear arrows, and moving rocks. Enemies armed with weapons will attack, but your precise shooting skills can overcome them. As the story unfolds, experience changing scenery and encounter new challenges with each step.

In the "2PLAYER" mode in Stickman Temple Wars, compete with a friend, racing to grab weapons and outsmart each other on stage. Alternatively, select the "VS BOT" option and challenge an AI opponent. Stay balanced on the fast-paced tracks, dodge enemy attacks, and snatch various weapons for an intense shooting match.

The Computer Battle Mode offers a single-player experience where you face AI-controlled opponents. Strive to seize weapons on the stage, shoot enemies accurately, and claim victory. This mode tests your reaction speed and shooting precision, providing an excellent space for skill refinement.

In each mode, maintain balance on moving tracks, keep an eye on your life bar, and utilize shooting skills to defeat enemies. In PvP mode, compete with friends for victory. The Story Mode adventure is filled with challenges that require overcoming diverse obstacles.

Multiple Mode Options in Stickman Temple Wars. Story Mode, PvP Mode, and Computer Battle Mode cater to different player preferences.

Rich Adventure Story in Stickman Temple Wars. Story Mode consists of 40 episodes, each presenting a new adventure filled with challenges and surprises.

Exciting Shooting Experience in Stickman Temple Wars. The game delivers a highly satisfying shooting experience, immersing players in thrilling gameplay.

Diverse Weapons and Environments in Stickman Temple Wars. Each mode features a variety of weapons and environments, adding depth and variation to the gameplay.

Multiplayer Battles and Solo Challenges in Stickman Temple Wars. Suitable for playing with friends or solo, offering flexibility for different gaming experiences.

How to Play:

Control your stickman to pick up weapons, defeat other enemies, avoid obstacles, and win.


Story Mode:

Use WASD and arrow keys to move

Shoot by clicking the left mouse button

2 players:


Movement: WASD

Shooting :F


Move: arrow key

Shooting :L

VS robot:

Move with WASD

Fire with the L button.

Release Date:

June 15, 2023

About the Creator:

"Stickman Temple Wars" is a free game developed by Hiboy Games, delivering the excitement of stickman action to players worldwide. Don't miss out on the fun—click to play now!

Looking for a horror, thrilling, classic, and addictive game? Take a look at a classic Stickman Game! This stickman has been around for many years, but it has never gone out of style. Play their other games on Stickman online: